Internship Opportunities

An internship with the American Diabetes Association means you will engage in the daily activities of our employees and gain real-world experience while making a difference in the lives of people who are affected by diabetes. No matter how much time you spend with us, you'll immediately embrace real, meaningful assignments.

You will apply your educational knowledge to real-life situations while being urged to use your own creativity in your work. We will embrace your ideas as we want to learn just as much from you as you will from us! Many of our former interns have progressed into both part-time and full-time paid positions with us and have developed professional relationships that continue for years.

It's not just how we work, but also about friendship and community. Get to know us during your internship, then decide the career path that's right for you.

2017 Internship Opportunities

Special Events and Fundraising (Unpaid) - Framingham, Massachusetts

Media Relations (Unpaid) - Arlington, Virginia

Logistics and Special Events (Unpaid) - St. Louis/Chesterfield, Missouri

Marketing and Communication (Unpaid) - St. Louis/Chesterfield, Missouri

Community Health Strategies (Unpaid) - St. Louis/Chesterfield, Missouri

Special Events (Unpaid) - Rochester, New York

Community Outreach (Unpaid) - Memphis, Tennessee

Marketing (Unpaid) - Memphis, Tennessee

Special Events and Fundraising (Unpaid) - Memphis, Tennessee

Community Outreach (Unpaid) - Nashville, Tennessee

Marketing (Unpaid) - Nashville, Tennessee

Special Events and Fundraising (Unpaid) - Nashville, Tennessee

Market Research (Unpaid) - Arlington, Virginia

Special Events (Unpaid) - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Special Events (Unpaid) - Tampa, Florida

Fondation and Corporate Giving (Unpaid) - Chicago, Illinois

Internship Opportunities (Unpaid) - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Major and Planned Giving (Unpaid) - Chicago, Illinois

Philanthropic Communications (Unpaid) - Arlington, Virginia

Special Events (Unpaid) - Maitland, Florida

Marketing and Special Events (Unpaid) - Bridgewater, New Jersey

National Capital Area Opportunities (Unpaid) - Washington, District of Columbia

Estate Administration and Planned Giving (Unpaid) - Arlington, Virginia

Constituent Engagement (Unpaid) - Arlington, Virginia

Special Events and Fundraising (Unpaid) - Bentonville, Arkansas

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Meet a Couple of Our Former Interns

Kathryn Martinez, HR Intern

My internship with the American Diabetes Association has been an amazing experience. Specifically, I was an intern within their Human Resources Recruiting Department and I eventually transitioned into a temporary recruiting role. My time with ADA has been a great learning opportunity to get hands-on real world experience in the Human Resources career field. What has made the experience great is the amount of real responsibility my supervisors have given me (versus giving me generic stereotypical intern work like copying, shredding, etc). I really feel like a value-adding member of the team. Furthermore, the American Diabetes Association and the recruiting department team have provided me with valuable leadership, guidance, growth and development during my internship, and have really treated me well. My time with American Diabetes Association has provided me with the stepping stones to get to where I want to be and has paved my way towards an exciting career!

Cait Patterson, Web Production Intern

Cait Patterson

I started my internship in the summer of 2013 as a Web Production intern. In this position, I worked with the digital marketing team as they prepared and accomplished a redesign. I gained a lot of insight into the skills it takes to maintain such an informative consumer website for a broad demographic. My job included a lot of hands-on experience while also the pride in being included in discussions for the redesign. Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes only two years prior to my internship, I was very grateful to learn more about diabetes as well as managing such a large website. I have gained a lot of experience in website management while also learning about the diabetes community from a different and unique perspective. I am very lucky that I can apply what I have learned from my internship with the American Diabetes Association to my future career as well as my personal life. I am looking forward to my future career in the diabetes community and working to find a cure to diabetes!

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