Diversity and Inclusion

D&I Statement

The American Diabetes Association is committed to embracing and drawing from the unique voices, experiences and perspectives of our staff, volunteers and partner organizations in all that we do. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion informs and empowers us to reflect and effectively serve all of our communities and constituents. Moreover, it is critical to successfully deliver on our mission and ultimately to Stop Diabetes®.

CEO Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Our mission is "to prevent and cure diabetes and improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes." To that end, we've released an ambitious Association 2012-2015 Strategic Plan to help us accomplish this.

We need to include a variety of thoughts and opinions-from the researchers we fund, to the people affected by or at risk for diabetes, to the volunteers and staff who make the American Diabetes Association function, and to the corporations and individuals who support us.  All our communities must have a seat at the table and a voice that is heard. A strong diversity and inclusion program, therefore, is central to our mission, and I have implemented such a program for the Association.

I take it as my personal responsibility to ensure this program succeeds and to help us STOP DIABETES®.

Executive Diversity and Inclusion Council (EDIC)

The purpose of the Executive Diversity and Inclusion Council (EDIC) is to lead the development, implementation and ongoing evaluation of the Association’s diversity and inclusion strategy.   Following industry best practice, EDIC members are senior-level staff who have the necessary decision making authority and influence within the Association to successfully drive the implementation of the strategy.  The council is chaired by the organization’s Chief Executive Officer.  The EDIC is responsible for prioritizing short and long-term strategies, monitoring the development and implementation of supporting activities, identifying success metrics, and evaluating progress and outcomes. EDIC members will work with staff throughout the organization to advance our effort to become a more diverse and inclusive environment.

Diversity Advisor Program

To better understand Diversity and Inclusion needs at the staff level, the creation of a Diversity Program has been established.  Diversity Advisors, who apply and are selected to serve a two-year term, will:

  1. Gather and share input and feedback to the EDIC from the perspective of employees throughout the organization. This will occur through 2-hour calls that will happen every 6-8 weeks.
  2. Serve as a sounding board, as needed, on diversity communication and implementation strategies.
  3. Serve as a Spokesperson/ambassador for diversity initiatives that are happening within the Association.
  4. Recommend diversity ideas and initiatives for the EDIC to consider for future implementation.
  5. Help the Association to lay the groundwork for the development of employee resource groups that may be developed in future years.
  6. Become educated about diversity and to use this education in their work as Diversity Advisors.
  7. Know and be able to articulate key elements of the organization’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Framework to others in the organization.
  • Last Reviewed: December 4, 2013
  • Last Edited: April 9, 2014