2013 Roger Pecoraro Award

The 2013 Roger Pecoraro Award has been given to Christopher E. Attinger, MD, FACS. This award recognizes a researcher who has made scientific contributions and demonstrates an untiring commitment to improving the understanding of the detection, treatment, and prevention of diabetic foot complications.

Currently a professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery and orthopedic surgery at Georgetown University, Washington, DC, and chief of the Division of Wound Healing at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Dr. Attinger has promoted the integration of surgical, podiatric, and vascular approaches to wound treatment, and the use of the angiosome model of reperfusion when planning therapies. He has published on new modes of therapy while emphasizing that they should not supplant, but be used in tandem with, core principles of wound management and evidence-based protocols to ensure optimal clinical care of diabetic ulcers.