The Officers include the Board Chair, President, Health Care & Education, President, Medicine & Science, Secretary/Treasurer, and the Chief Executive Officer.

Janel Wright, JD
Chair of the Board
Anchorage, AK

Chief of Adjudications
State of Alaska, Department of Labor & Workforce Development

David G. Marrero, PhD
President, Health Care & Education
Indianapolis, IN

J. O. Ritchey Endowed Professor of Medicine Director, Diabetes Translational Research Center
Indiana University School of Medicine

Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD
President, Medicine & Science
Memphis, TN

Professor of Medicine & Director Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism A.C. Mullins Chair in Translational Research
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Richard Farber, MBA
Secretary / Treasurer
Los Angeles, CA

Managing Partner
McKendree Capital


Kevin L. Hagan
Chief Executive Officer
Alexandria, VA