Funding for Research and Programs

Funding for Research

We are working to increase the state and federal commitment to diabetes research, treatment and programs.

Federal Funding for Research and Programs

We are asking Congress and the Administration to increase funding for diabetes research at the National Institutes of Health and diabetes treatment and prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

State Diabetes Control Programs

We are working to increase state support for State Diabetes Control Programs which increase access to diabetes care and treatment and promote public awareness about diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes

We are asking Congress to support legislation which seeks to reduce the incidence of gestational diabetes and prevent women afflicted with this condition and their children from developing type 2 diabetes later on in life.

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  • Stem Cell Research

    The Association fights to protect and expand all forms of stem cell research, which offers great hope for a cure and better treatments for diabetes.

  • Special Diabetes Programs

    These are substantial type 1 diabetes research programs and prevention and treatment programs for Native American communities.