Legal Advocacy Priorities

Legal Advocacy is a core component of the Association's strategic plan goal to Raise Voice and Support People, igniting a movement to protect the rights of people with diabetes through an aggressive campaign that combats the stigma of diabetes and highlights the seriousness of the disease.

Safe at School

Enable young people with diabetes to be safe and have the same opportunities as their peers at school and school-related activities, in primary, secondary, postsecondary education, daycare, summer camp, and other recreational programs.


Enable workers with diabetes to successfully manage their diabetes, to be free from discrimination, and advocate for adoption of rules and policies that reflect appropriate use of diabetes science and medicine in employment decisions.

Public Accommodations, Government Programs and Services

Enable people with diabetes to safely manage their diabetes in, and have equal access to, places of public accommodation, government programs and services, including licensing and airport security, and ensure appropriate law enforcement response and medical care in custody and detention.

Promote Legal Advocacy successes and challenges in order to:

  • Increase recruitment, engagement, and diversity of trained school advocates, attorney and health care professional volunteers
  • Utilize Legal Advocacy victories for new revenue opportunities; and
  • Integrate Legal Advocacy across Association activities to increase loyalty and engagement.

Legal Advocacy Priorities (PDF)

  • Last Reviewed: January 16, 2018
  • Last Edited: January 11, 2019