Local Market Planning

Advocacy Planning

2015 Advocates in Action Calendar

(PDF) (DOCX) — This calendar is the roadmap for our Advocates in Action initiative – focusing on hometown advocacy recruitment, engagement and support. The Calendar lists month by month supports that will be provided to local advocacy volunteer and staff leaders, corresponding with specific year-round advocacy goals and activities.

Elected Officials at Events

(PDF) — American Diabetes Association policy and tips for including elected officials at Association events.

Annual Strategic Alignment Planning Tool for Local Market Advocacy

(PDF) (DOCX) — This tool is designed to assist Advocacy Chairs, Executive Directors and State Advocacy Directors in leading Community Leadership Board discussion and drafting of their advocacy goals which are a part of their overall Annual Strategic Alignment plans.

Advocacy Players

  • Local Association staff should be included in any discussion of implementing advocacy at Association events.
  • The following two documents are templates to be used by the local Community Leadership Board, as tools to outline the role and responsibilities of the local Advocacy Chair, and local Advocacy Committee. All Community Leadership Boards should identify a member of the board to serve as Advocacy Chair. Many communities also have an Advocacy Committee in place. Both documents provide a general outline for these roles, but should be modified to meet local needs.
  • State Advocacy Directors - These regional staff are key consultants for all local advocacy efforts; this map shows their designated states and contact information

Advocacy Presentations

2015 Government Affairs and Advocacy Update: Presentation Kit

Below are links to key files for use by Advocacy Chairs in providing an update to your Community Leadership Boards (CLB).

2012 Community Presentation

  • PowerPoint Slide Presentation — Created for use by local volunteers and staff in outreach to community clubs and organizations to let them know how the association delivers mission through advocacy.
  • Accompanying Script for Slide Presentation — A PDF file that shows both the slide image and script text for each slide of the above listed PowerPoint presentation.
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