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PDF files of 2 impactful Safe at School display ads that local market event committees can use in their program books or for use in other local print materials. 2 files are formated for half-page placement and 2 files are formated for full-page placement. Especially relevant for Father of the Year or Gala event programs.

Legal Advocacy Story Bank

Diabetes Discrimination Stories from Articles in Diabetes Forecast®

Sharing real examples of how diabetes discrimination affects lives is one of the most powerful things to do at local events and wherever there is an opportunity to increase awareness. In addition to the more locally-based stories that you spotlight, you are encouraged to also feature stories from this index. Each article is summarized, including the names of those most prominently-featured.

Success Stories

Sometimes people are treated unfairly just because they have diabetes. Read stories about some who have received help through the American Diabetes Association's Legal Advocacy Program.

Lance Paoli

Lance Paoli had been successfully handling his own diabetes care at school for several years. But, at the beginning of his sophomore year in high school, a new school principal started a policy that no longer allowed students to self-manage their medications, or even carry their own medical supplies at school. Lance's mother, Susan, felt that Lance's health would suffer during the school day under this new policy. So, she contacted the American Diabetes Association for help!

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Erin Argueta

Erin Argueta has type 1 diabetes, wears an insulin pump and has traveled to over 100 countries around the world. Erin has learned to allow extra time at the airport since the security process for her situation involves a pat down search, rather than regular x-ray screening.

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Lauren Jess

Ten-year-old Lauren Jess, who has type 1 diabetes, could not fully participate in the Kids Club, a childcare program run at her local school, located within the Higley Unified School District in Arizona. But, some help from the American Diabetes Association resolved the situation.

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Read What Others Are Saying About the Legal Advocacy Program

"It feels very good to go to bat for a cause backed up with solid legal and moral righteousness. Thank you for your time, looking into this matter, and for supplying me with a nice, solid platform to begin our negotiations." — Parent of child with diabetes

"I appreciate all of your advice. As a parent, I was using personal feelings versus acting in a solution-based manner. I really appreciate your assistance." — Parent of a child with diabetes

"Just wanted to tell you thank you for speaking with me last week regarding my patients and the suggestions you provided. I received the packet of information you sent me and will make it available to our patients." — Health care provider

"Thank you very much for the time you spent counseling me last week and for the legal references you sent me today. It was so important for me to make contact with someone both caring, yet professionally objective and wise about how to approach reasonable accommodations at work. It is very hard challenging one's employer on an issue where you feel you have the moral and legal high ground, but do not know the "rules of the game" and what to do at each step. You have given me some options and perspective for which I am grateful." — Worker with diabetes

"I should have called sooner...I think I was being a little too patient. I am very grateful for your support and expertise in this area. I cannot thank you enough!" — Parent of child with diabetes

"Thanks so much for all of your assistance. I can't tell you how much it meant." — Worker with diabetes

"I want to thank you for the time you spent visiting with me on the phone recently. It is extremely encouraging to visit with someone that understands diabetes and is willing to provide information regarding this disease… All of us involved appreciate your willingness to keep an open file. This is the first time the family has experienced a friendly relationship, and we sincerely appreciate your helpful attitude." — Advocate for inmate with diabetes

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