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Date: August 2014
Topic of Article: Road to Justice: Coach USA bus drivers fought diabetes-based discrimination. 
Type of Licensing Case: Commercial Bus Driving
State: NJ, IL and other

Despite having driven buses for Coach USA for many years, and receiving recognition for 30 years of safe driving, Walter Kantz, who was diagnosed was type 2 diabetes, was suspended from work without pay twice, once because of an elevated glucose level and a second time because of an A1C test result. A legal fight on behalf of four of the company's bus drivers led to a change in Coach USA policy that, consistent with "good science," helps prevent its bus drivers from facing discrimination just because of having diabetes.

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Date: May 2010
Topic of Article: A Sense of Adventure–Tim Duffy
Type of Licensing Case: Coast Guard-Approved Master of Inland License
State: AK

Tim Duffy needed a coast guard Master of Inland license to pilot a boat for his kayaking company, but the Coast Guard denied his application. Mr. Duffy filed his appeal. The Coast Guard did not fight back and granted his license right away.

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Date: March 2007; May 2009
Topic of Article: Back on the Job; Two UPS Workers Take a Stand (March 2007); Defeating Discrimination; Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (May 2009), Feature 2–John Steigauf, Milt Klise
Type of Licensing Case: Mechanics, Commercial Driver's License (CDL)
State: MN, OH

John Steigauf (Bloomington, MN) and Milt Klise (Orient, OH), both mechanics with UPS, were let go when they started using insulin to treat their diabetes. UPS argued they needed commercial driver's licenses to continue as mechanics, and under the law at the time, an applicant couldn't get a license with insulin-treated diabetes. Both filed EEOC complaints and were then able to return to UPS in lower-paying "trailer" mechanic jobs that didn't require a CDL license. The Association worked to find a legislative solution, and Congress created the Diabetes Exemption Program. Mr. Klise and Mr. Steigauf got their jobs back.

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Date: September 2001
Topic of Article: Saving Lives Don't Take Discrimination Sitting Down–Sara Garrison
Type of Licensing Case: Paramedic, Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

Sarah Garrison, a paramedic with diabetes in Bonita, CA, was denied the commercial driver's license she needed to drive an ambulance. An Association attorney represented Ms. Garrison at an administrative hearing and got the judge to reverse the DMV's decision, which had been based on a blanket ban of drivers with diabetes.

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