Training Webinars

2017 Webinars

Bridging Health Equity Across Communities: Diabetes Advocacy — April 2017
Recommended viewing for all volunteers and staff and covers the following topics: health disparities related to diabetes—current data, addressing health disparities at the state level—June 2016 victories and 2017 initiatives, community health workers as bridges to health equity, and action steps for advocates working for health equity.

2017 Advocates in Action - Engaging Your Community! — January 2017
Second of a 2 part series in January, 2017, covering: activities, resources, training and supports for 2017—to engage advocates in your community toward achieving our vital advocacy goals; advocacy messaging resources, strategies, and tactics to inspire donors and volunteers; and let them know how the Association delivers on our mission through advocacy—everyday.

2017 Government Affairs and Advocacy Update — January 2017
Learn about the American Diabetes Association Government Affairs and Advocacy Priorities for 2017, and highlights of 2016 accomplishments within Federal and State government affairs, as well as in our Legal Advocacy fight to end discrimination.

Overview of 2017 Texas Legislative Session — January 2017
A webinar for Texas advocates that includes a preview of the 85th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature and covers the 2017 American Diabetes Association state legislative and regulatory priorities.

2016 Webinars

Advocates in Action at Step Out: Raising Awareness and Funding our Mission! — July 2016
Learn from national Step Out staff about strategies and resources to inspire Step Out team and donors to maximize fundraising efforts, including: using the Step Out Center to reach contacts via email, integrating advocacy messages to inspire donors, and fundraising with Facebook and social media. In addition, learn from Advocacy staff about strategies and new resources for including inspiring advocacy messaging and engagement activities at community Step Out walk events.

Move Our Mission With Meetings Back Home - August Congressional Recess Preparation — June 2016
Covers the following topics: key messaging for August recess meetings with members of Congress, strategies and examples for effective in-district meetings with members of Congress, resources to support your meeting with and messaging to public officials about the Association's public policy priorities aimed to Stop Diabetes, and using personal advocacy stories to inspire political support. Both volunteer and staff advocates are encouraged to sign up to hold an August recess meeting, and get access to key resources to support them in securing an holding an effective meeting at:

"It's Just Not Right": How diabetes discrimination can get people fired up to support the American Diabetes Association! — May 2016
Covers Association's legal advocacy programs and how you can be empowered to make a difference. How to use discrimination stories, and how legal advocacy work can help raise funds and get people connected with the American Diabetes Association, including: learning about and sharing stories about discrimination that happens at school, work and in other parts of life, how to connect people facing discrimination with every aspect of the American Diabetes Association, Fundraising, events, camps, leadership—how does legal advocacy fit in?, and recently changed methods to make sure more people with legal problems get help.

Accelerating Health Equity: Diabetes Advocacy — April 2016
Covers health disparities related to diabetes: current data; overview of Diabetes Disparities Action Councils; Screen at 23 initiative for Asian Americans; Association type 2 programs; addressing health disparities at the state level—2015 victories and 2016 initiatives; addressing health disparities from a program and awareness perspective; and what to do as a volunteer or staff advocate in your local community.

Connecting with your Member of Congress: Getting Started — March 2016
This webinar is especially for volunteers and staff who have never before met with a member of Congress. It covers: the American Diabetes Association Government Affairs and Advocacy goals and priorities and how advocates can support them, building relationships with members of Congress, resources to support communications with Congress, March/April Drop off visits with members of Congress, and looking ahead to our June webinar and August recess meetings with members of Congress.

Documents to be printed for Spring 2016 Congressional District Drop Off meetings:

Recruiting, Engaging and Inspiring Advocates: Making the Most of Local Events — February 2016
Covers general strategies and resources for advocacy messaging and engagement at events, including: 2016 advocate recruitment goal and strategies; where to find and how to share stories about how we help people with diabetes fight discrimination; and resources and strategies for engaging youth in advocacy.

2016 Government Affairs and Advocacy Update — January 2016
Learn about the American Diabetes Association Government Affairs and Advocacy Priorities for 2016, highlights of 2015 accomplishments, and our roadmap for recruiting and engaging "Advocates in Action" in the coming year.

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