Congress: Now is the time to Stop Diabetes

Nearly 30 million Americans live with diabetes; 86 million more have prediabetes and the epidemic keeps growing. Unless we take action now, one in three Americans will be diagnosed with the disease by 2050. And with every diagnosis, another American faces terrible complications, including kidney failure, blindness, amputation and even death.

Protect Health Insurance for People with and At Risk for Diabetes
Do not repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a simultaneous replacement that, at a minimum:

  • Provides health insurance coverage for at least the same number of people as under the ACA;
  • Ensures continuous availability of health insurance coverage, regardless of a person's circumstances;
  • Ensures access to adequate and affordable health insurance for everyone, no matter their health status, income, age, or employment; and
  • Continues to prioritize prevention, including prevention of diabetes and its complications.
  • Affordable Care Act Fact Sheet

Increase Federal Funding for Diabetes Research and Programs

  • Allocate $2.165 billion for the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), the primary federal agency that conducts research to find a cure and advance treatments for diabetes. This investment in NIDDK is needed to advance the nation's efforts to develop new and superior treatments, enhance disease detection and management, improve the prevention of diabetes and its complications, and ultimately discover a cure. Read more in our NIDDK fact sheet.
  • Provide $185 million for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Division of Diabetes Translation (DDT) whose mission is to eliminate the preventable burden of diabetes through research, education, and by translating science into clinical practice. This investment in the DDT will allow CDC to build upon its innovative diabetes translational research, strengthen surveillance efforts and expand national, state and community programs. These programs provide essential information and education about diabetes risk, complications, treatment and management to the public, health care providers and patients. See our CDC fact sheet.
  • Support $25 million for the National Diabetes Prevention Program. The National Diabetes Prevention Program can dramatically reduce the number of new diabetes cases in individuals with prediabetes. Funding for and continued implementation of the National Diabetes Prevention Program would allow the CDC to dramatically expand the reach of proven, evidence-based community programs to identify, refer, and provide those at high-risk for diabetes with cost-effective interventions.

Make Insulin Affordable

  • We need transparency, affordability, and access to insulin, and no one who relies on insulin should have to wonder if they'll be able to afford it.
  • We ask Congress to hold hearings with all entities in the insulin supply chain to identify the reasons for the dramatic increases in insulin prices and to take action to ensure all people who need insulin have affordable access to this lifesaving medication.
  • Insulin Affordability Fact Sheet

See the Association's 2017 Federal Legislative Priorities.

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  • Secured Medicare coverage of the National Diabetes Prevention Program for seniors at-risk for diabetes.
  • Congressional appropriators voted to increase funding for diabetes research, although final action was delayed on the entire 2017 fiscal year budget.
  • Achieved significant bipartisan support for the Special Diabetes Program with 356 House members and 75 Senators signing a letter to extend the program when it comes up for reauthorization.
  • Special Diabetes Program Fact Sheet
  • Continued to include diabetes among the diseases eligible for the Department of Defense's Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program.
  • Last Reviewed: May 11, 2017
  • Last Edited: May 12, 2017