Call to Congress

On Tuesday, March 5 - Thursday, March 7, 2013, over 200 Diabetes Advocates from across the country gathered for the American Diabetes Association’s premier advocacy day in Washington, D.C. – Call to Congress: Stop Diabetes. Advocates had over 200 meetings scheduled, as well as packet dropoffs and a major press conference announcing the staggering Cost of Diabetes in 2012.

On top of this, Diabetes Advocates across the country participated in our Call in to Congress with over 500 phone calls lighting up the Capitol Hill switch board in support of the effort to Stop Diabetes.

“Call to Congress provides diabetes advocates from across the nation with an opportunity to shine a spotlight on this deadly epidemic and urge Congress to make meaningful investments toward the fight to Stop Diabetes,” said Gina Gavlak, RN, BSN, Chair, National Advocacy Committee, American Diabetes Association. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention projects that by 2050 as many as one in three American adults will have diabetes unless steps are taken to prevent this. Congress must act now to fund vital diabetes research, treatment and prevention programs that could curb the trajectory of this disease and ultimately save lives.”

Looking back on the event, Diabetes Advocate Gregg Frank from Pittsburgh, PA had this to say:

“THANK YOU for an AMAZING Call To Congress 2013 event!  It was very exciting, fruitful and got us all geared up for the advocacy work at home that needs to continue and be stronger, including establishing and building relationships with our elected officials. In our home area and across the USA, advocates are looking forward to more good things happening in the future with legislative action for funding of diabetes research and prevention programs, eradication of employment and education discrimination and awareness of diabetes concerns for everyone.”

To see some of the action from Call to Congress 2013, check out our Facebook photo album or watch the video slide show (below) from our time at Capitol Hill.

And remember, the fight to Stop Diabetes continues. So call your Senators & Representatives and tell them to fund diabetes research and prevention.

Some Facts About Diabetes

Diabetes kills more Americans every year than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

It's the #1 cause of new cases of blindness in adults in the U.S.

It doubles the risk of heart attack and stroke.

1 in 12 Americans have it.

1 in 4 of those Americans doesn’t know it yet.

1 in 3 Americans are at increased risk for developing diabetes.

Together, we have the power to change these statistics.

  • Last Reviewed: March 7, 2013
  • Last Edited: October 18, 2013