Nearly half of those living with diabetes have some form of nerve damage, but many don't know it. Poor diabetes control may also increase the risk for nerve damage that can become painful. For one out of five people living with diabetes, nerve damage can cause burning, shooting pain in the feet or hands—a condition known as painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy, or diabetic nerve pain.

Step On Up is an educational program developed as a collaboration between Pfizer and the American Diabetes Association that encourages people with diabetes who have burning, shooting pain in their feet or hands to have a real conversation with their health care provider and take a step toward some pain relief. Despite living with chronic pain, many people with diabetic nerve pain do not talk to their doctor about their symptoms. They either don't think the pain is connected to their diabetes, may fear what the pain means, or are trying to manage it alone.

Visit to learn more and take a Diabetic Nerve Pain Assessment.

Community Health PerspectivesCommunity Health Perspectives is a survey that was conducted to support Step On Up, and found significant gaps in awareness, diagnosis and management of diabetic nerve pain particularly among African Americans and Hispanic Americans. To view an infographic of the survey results, click here.

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