Funding Research

Throughout our history, we have been the leader in funding and supporting the research the world needs to stop the impact of diabetes. We’ve funded nearly 4,500 projects and invested more than $700 million.

To understand the impact and outcomes associated with our research funding, we initiated a comprehensive baseline program assessment of investigators. In 2012 our findings were published in Diabetes and Diabetes Care :

  • The average Association grant leads to more than six publications, providing the foundation for future advancements
  • Our funding expands the field by attracting and retaining diabetes researchers, with 98% of Association-supported scientists still focused on our cause
  • 85% of researchers received subsequent financial support for their work within five years of their award
  • A significant return on investments: $56 million in grants invested in researchers in 2005 resulted in $421 million of subsequent allowance for those same investigators by 2011 — a 7.5-fold increase

Through the dedication and vision of the American Diabetes Association Research Foundation®, we accelerated our commitment to research with the launch of Pathway to Stop Diabetes. This transformational program will inspire a new generation of scientists to apply their innovative thinking to the myriad issues of diabetes.

  • Last Reviewed: May 20, 2015
  • Last Edited: May 20, 2015