Get and Stay Fit

Get Fit and Stay Fit

If you aren't in the habit of exercising, getting motivated is half the battle.

We offer strategies and ideas for taking that first step toward better health through daily activity.

Once you are on the path to more activity, you'll find that it isn't as hard to keep going — you’ll actually feel better and have more energy as time goes on.

Set an Exercise Goal & Make a Plan

If you’re ready to start getting active, it’s time to set a goal and make a plan.

Staying Motivated

It’s easy to start an exercise routine once you’ve decided it’s time for a change, but keeping it up is a challenge for many people.

Positive Self-Talk Makes a Difference

The conversations you have with yourself about physical activity and your fitness abilities can have an impact on your performance.

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  • Overcoming Barriers to Activity

    Think about what is keeping you from being active and then check out some of our solutions to the most common barriers to physical activity.