Other Types of Vegetarian Diets

Earlier we described the major types of vegetarian diets. Some others are:

Ovo-vegetarian diet — This group does not eat any meat or dairy products. However, they do include eggs.

Macrobiotic diet — People following this diet focus on grains, legumes, and vegetables. They also eat a small amount of fruit, nuts, and seeds. Some also eat fish so it may not be a true vegetarian diet.

Raw foods diet — This is usually a form of the vegan diet. Most or all foods are eaten uncooked. They are raw and unprocessed. The diet includes raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sometimes unpasteurized dairy or raw meat or fish. (Those who eat raw meat or fish do not follow a true vegetarian diet.)

Fruitarian — This is a vegan diet that only includes fruit, nuts, and seeds. It is very limited and is considered nutritionally inadequate.

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