Neighborhood and Work Inventory

Does your neighborhood offer opportunities to help you get healthier and lose weight? How about your workplace?

Take this quiz and see. Check off the statements that are true for you. Fill in the blanks with other things that are true for your neighborhood and workplace. Use these ideas to make changes in your own life or suggest new changes. For example, if your workplace doesn’t serve healthy foods at meetings, suggest this change to upper management.


  • My neighborhood has grocery stores with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • My neighborhood has grocery stores with other healthy food choices (like whole grain bread, low-fat milk, lean meats, etc.).
  • My neighborhood has a farmers’ market.
  • My neighborhood has __________________________________.
  • My workplace offers healthy food choices in the cafeteria.
  • My workplace has nearby restaurants with healthy choices.
  • My workplace has vending machines with healthy food choices.
  • My workplace offers healthy foods at meetings and events.
  • My workplace has __________________________________.

Physical Activity

  • My neighborhood has safe places to walk outside or inside.
  • My neighborhood offers places for physical activity, such as community centers, parks, YMCAs, or other facilities.
  • My neighborhood has a mailbox that I can walk to, instead of driving to the Post Office.
  • My neighborhood has __________________________________.
  • My workplace has safe places to walk during my lunch break.
  • My workplace has colleagues who may want to walk with me at break time.
  • My workplace offers a place onsite or nearby for physical activity.
  • My workplace offers discounted memberships at a health club.
  • My workplace has __________________________________.

What resources are already available to you? You may have more options than you think!

  • Last Reviewed: December 17, 2013
  • Last Edited: August 14, 2017

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