Getting Started

Getting Started

Your family, friends, and healthcare team can all be there to support you as you try to lose weight. But don’t forget – you are responsible for your own health. You pick the foods, you find the time to exercise – it’s up to you.

Losing weight has become especially complicated with all of the weight loss programs and products out there. Despite all the options available, more and more people are struggling with their weight. Perhaps we need a different approach...let's get back to basics.

Setting Realistic Goals

The right combination of exercise, healthy foods, and portion control is the key to weight loss for many people.

Your Weight Loss Plan

Are you ready to lose weight? You’ll boost your chances for success by making a realistic, achievable plan.

Get In Touch With Your Appetite

Factors in the environment trigger our senses and other mental processes that make us think we are hungry even when we’re not.

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  • Emotions and Eating

    Emotions can influence what, when, and how much we eat. When you eat based on your emotions, it can hinder your weight loss efforts.