Black History Month

NFL star Duane Brown

For decades, African Americans have joined movements and made a commitment to improve life for themselves, their families and advocate for individuals and communities in need. With nearly 5 million African Americans living with diabetes, the American Diabetes Association is committed to addressing their needs through Live Empowered®, its African American program.

During Black History Month, learn more about how you can help prevent or delay type 2 diabetes and manage the disease. Join the Association and the Houston Texan's star Duane Brown and help Stop Diabetes®.

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Live Empowered

Live Empowered and help Stop Diabetes! Learn how to get your church and community involved. Join the Millions.


Know Your Rights

Every person living with diabetes deserves to be treated fairly at work, at school and in their daily life, but that does not always happen. Know your rights and how the Association can help you.

Prince Hall Shriners Donation to Association

The Prince Hall Shriners

The Prince Hall Shriners recently presented a donation to the American Diabetes Association to support the Live Empowered®/African American educational initiative and study with the Association's Research Foundation grant program.

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