Project POWER

Project POWER is a faith-based program targeting the African American community.

We developed Project POWER provide churches with a foundation for integrating diabetes awareness messages and healthy living tips into the life of the family and church. 

It engages the church in a variety of year-round activities that provide lessons which improve the health of those church members living with diabetes, their families and the greater community as well. 

Six Workshops

Project POWER offers six educational workshops. Each workshop is facilitated by a Project POWER Ambassador who is trained by Association staff and provided with a complete implementation guide.

Each workshop is approximately 1 – 1.5 hours in length and comes with all participant materials and giveaways. On average, Project POWER modules train 25 participants per module, and participants are encouraged to attend all six modules over a one-year period.

Project POWER Ambassadors may host each module multiple times throughout the year to allow all church membership an opportunity to participate.

  • Diabetes Day — Diabetes Day is actually an introductory activity in the Project POWER workshop series and not a workshop. During the worship service the Pastor, or his/her designee, devotes time to talk to members about the seriousness of diabetes, the risk factors for the disease and what one should do to reduce their risk. Following church service, information is distributed and additional Project POWER workshops and activities are promoted to church members. Additionally, participants are encouraged to call ADA (1-800-DIABETES) or visit the website (
  • POWER Over Diabetes — Sets the foundation for all other Project POWER modules.  Participants are provided basic diabetes information and treatment. The goal of the workshop is to create awareness about diabetes, management and treatment of the disease. 
  • Fit and Faithful in Body and Soul — This workshop teaches the importance of physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight in the management of diabetes. Participants learn why physical activity is important and how to incorporate more movement into their daily routine. 
  • Taste and See — Demonstrates healthy eating and cooking for the entire family, particularly family members with diabetes, and how best to integrate healthy eating into everyday life. Participants will learn healthier ways to prepare food and be able to identify appropriate portion sizes.
  • A Clean Heart — Creates awareness about the relationship between diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.
  • Train Up a Child — This workshop creates awareness of the increase in type 2 diabetes among African American youth and teaches ways to help African American youth become healthier.  Participants will learn ways to help children eat healthier, increase their physical activity, and live healthier lives. Activities are developed for family participation and engage all members of the family in activities increasing the awareness of healthy living.
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