Project Power

About Project Power

Project Power changes lives by creating a space where children and families learn valuable skills they need to live a full and healthy life. “Teachable moments” are part of the daily schedule - reading food labels, portioning food appropriately and understanding the importance of regular exercise - so children can focus on having fun.

Project Power is designed for boys and girls, ages 8 -16 with multiple risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes, focusing on the following areas:

Nutrition Education:  Learn about food groups, relevance of portion sizes, importance of reading food labels and participate in shopping and cooking classes.

Fitness Education: Participate in age-appropriate exercise routines that can be done anywhere proving exercise can be fun and built into their day - from doing sit-ups while watching TV, getting off the bus early and walking or dancing to their favorite music – learning small steps can make a big difference.

Health and Wellness Education: Lessons to live their life with new healthy skills through discovery of their optimal weight, ABCs of eating out, importance of sleep, limiting screen time and goal setting.

Whether we host a week-long day camp, weekend retreat, after-school or community center program, we educate the whole family so parents and siblings learn healthy behaviors, too. And, we provide year-round continued education and fun activities to reinforce health habits and measure outcomes.


*Project Power utilizes the Kids N Fitness Curriculum, a family-centered healthy lifestyle program that was developed at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. *