Camp PowerUp

Camp is a magical place that changes lives forever!

Enriching Experience

Camp is a place where children learn valuable skills they need to live a full and healthy life. Campers learn by doing—reading food labels, portioning food appropriately and understanding the importance of regular exercise. "Teachable moments" and wellness education are part of the daily schedule so kids can focus on staying healthy while they are swimming, singing songs, practicing archery, crafting, playing sports, hiking and more.

Camp PowerUp is specifically designed for boys and girls with multiple risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes. Camp offers structured, kid-friendly programs in key areas:

  • Nutrition Education: Youth learn about food groups, the relevance of portion sizes, the importance of reading food labels and other key nutrition topics. Campers may take field trips to a demonstration kitchen, make their own healthy meal or visit a museum with an interactive experience that provides information about health IQ, empowerment and wellness.
  • Fitness Education: Children participate in age-appropriate exercise routines that do not require gym facilities and can be done anywhere. Campers engage in soccer drills, swimming, basketball or a dance party. We make exercise fun. And campers learn that even small steps can make a big difference—from doing sit-ups while watching TV, getting off the bus early and walking, or dancing to their favorite music. Physical activity can be fun!
  • Health and Wellness Education: Youth learn how to maintain healthy lives by discovering their optimal weight, ways to get and stay fit, and the importance of sleep and limiting screen time.

Not Just For Kids

Parents play a vital role in influencing a child's behavior and providing continued support for healthy lifestyle choices after camp. For this reason, Camp PowerUp provides parents with dedicated sessions that cover topics their children are learning at camp.


Our Camp team includes physicians, diabetes educators and dietitians who review curriculum and support campers and families throughout the year. The immeasurable impact of camp can be seen in the comments of the campers themselves. From one child asking her mom to buy spinach at the store to another not ordering a soft drink at dinner, it’s clear that families are ready to make healthy choices when they get the right information in a fun and straightforward way.

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