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The purpose of the American Diabetes Association, Northern Illinois Area Day Camp is to provide a unique recreational and educational experience for children with diabetes. With guidance from the camp staff, day campers can to participate in various camping activities and develop independence and confidence in caring for their diabetes. Sharing experiences with other youngsters who have the same lifestyle encourages acceptance and promotes a positive self-image. Diabetes education sessions teach campers about nutrition, exercise, insulin, highs and lows and blood sugar testing. Children, grouped by age and activities, are supervised by trained certified health professionals and counselors.

Children are asked to bring a sack lunch each day. Snacks, milk and water are provided. Information sessions with leaders in the field of diabetes will be hosted as sharing time for parents at the start of each camp day.

The camp fee includes medical supervision, snacks, American Diabetes Association camp t-shirt, supervised program activities and most diabetes supplies.

Camp Fee

Family Contribution (Camp Fee):
  • $360

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More Information About the Camp

Throughout the year, the American Diabetes Association raises funds through donations and local fundraising events. The generosity of donors allows the American Diabetes Association to offer every camper nationwide a significant reduction in camp fees. You can help support the Association's Camp program by donating to the Association or participating in one of our local fundraising events. Visit or call 1-888-DIABETES (888-342-2383) or 312-346-1805 to get involved locally.

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Special thanks to our families who have volunteered their time or participated in our events over the past year. Your generosity has helped us in our effort to Stop Diabetes and providing camp to our youth in Illinois!

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