Camp EDI - Mini Session 2

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About the Camp

EDI is an acronym for the three cornerstones of a healthy, active life: Exercise, Diet and Insulin. Medical professionals are on staff at all times supervising blood sugars, insulin doses and diets. Nutrition activities, blood glucose monitoring and injections/medications are integrated into the camp program. A Health Lodge is located on-site with hospital facilities nearby. Staff consists of pediatric endocrinologists, nurses, dietitians and social workers. American Diabetes Association program staff includes a camp director, assistant camp director, unit leaders and counselors. All program staff are over 18 years of age and most have personal diabetes management experience. All staff undergoes a screening process and receives a minimum of 24 class-time hours of pre-camp training.

Camp EDI is an American Camp Association Accredited (ACA) Camp.

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Family Contribution (Camp Fee): $500

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