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The overnight camp programs for children and teens, combine a program of summer activities with a program of diabetes education and support. Both components challenge each camper to reach their maximum potential, both mentally an physically. The campers are actively involved in managing their diabetes. Goals for campers include improved self-esteem, taking responsibility for diabetes management and social adjustment in a new setting away from home.

The activities are planned for the interest and skill level of each age group and proivide new and different experiences for campers each year. 24 hour medical supervision is provided by physicians, nurses and other health care providers. Nutrition activities, blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration are integrated into the camp program.

Camp Fee

Family Contribution (Camp Fee):
• $890

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More Information About the Camp

Throughout the year, the American Diabetes Association raises funds through donations and local fundraising events. The generosity of donors allows the American Diabetes Association to offer every camper nationwide a significant reduction in camp fees. You can help support the Association's Camp program by donating to the Association or participating in one of our local fundraising events. Visit www.diabetes.org/chicago or call 1-888-DIABETES (888-342-2383) or 312-346-1805 to get involved locally.

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Special thanks to our families who have volunteered their time or participated in our events over the past year. Your generosity has helped us in our effort to Stop Diabetes and providing camp to our youth in Illinois!

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