Camp Victory - Session I

American Diabetes Association Camp

About the Camp

Camp Victory is located at the Louisiana Lions Camp near Leesville. Campers enjoy the 170 acres of rolling piney woodlands that sit on the edge of Lake Vernon. This facility includes bunk houses, cabins, kitchen-dining hall, infirmary, multi-purpose building, arts and crafts building, swimming pool, gymnasium, boat dock, archery hut and much more.

Activities at Camp are geared to all ages. The younger children will enjoy swimming, art and crafts, archery, playground equipment, fishing, nature, dances and an awards ceremony. The program for the teens will include swimming, canoeing, paddle boats, nature, dances, skits, archery, volleyball and an awards ceremony. All activities are supervised by qualified staff.

Providing the youth of Louisiana a safe and rewarding camping experience has been a major focus of the American Diabetes Association since its beginning. Each summer over 75 physicians, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and social workers volunteer their time to see that the medical needs of the children are met.

Our campers are educated daily about diabetes in many ways. In addition to the fun educational games they play with our dietitian interns, they will also experience many "informal teaching moments," a sort of learning without knowing it. These moments occur many times throughout the day, whether it be carbohydrate counting, drawing up and injecting insulin or learning about site rotation.

*Please Note: Acceptance packets will be mailed around June 1. Your child is not guaranteed a spot until an acceptance packet is received.

Camp Fees

There is no fee associated with Camp Victory.

Important: When registering, the correct camp to choose is Metairie, LA. The camp is located in Leesville, LA however the camps are listed by where the Association office is located. Please choose Metairie, LA and proceed with completing the application.

Registration Deadline: July 1, 2015

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CIT Information

Counselors-in-Training are hired through the Louisiana Lions Camp. Please contact the Lions Camp at 800-348-6567 for more information.

More Information About the Camp

Throughout the year, the American Diabetes Association raises funds through donations and local fundraising events. The generosity of donors allows the American Diabetes Association to offer every camper nationwide a significant reduction in Camp fees. You can help support the Association's Camp program by donating to the Association or participating in one of our local fundraising events. Visit or call 1-888-DIABETES (888-342-2383) ext. 6074 to get involved locally.

Special Thanks to our families who have volunteered their time or participated in our events over the past year. Your generosity has helped us in our effort to Stop Diabetes and providing camp to our youth in Louisiana!

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