Learning at Camp

Learn More About Diabetes While Having Fun

Most kids don't realize it because they're having so much fun, but a lot of learning goes on at the American Diabetes Association's Camps.

While having fun and hanging out with other kids and adults with diabetes, campers learn a lot about living with diabetes, but don't worry, it's nothing like a school classroom!

Gaining Independence

Camp counselors also work one-on-one with campers to teach self-care and model appropriate diabetes self-management.

We understand that self-care takes time to master. At Camps, campers:

  • Learn at their own pace.
  • Discover ways to manage diabetes and start developing skills to help take care of oneself.
  • Build self-confidence and prepare, if ready, to start accepting more responsibility for diabetes self-management.
  • Take steps toward self-care!

Diabetes Education

  • Our approach is learn by doing
  • We look for "teachable moments" to help campers learn more about managing diabetes in new and different situations
  • We use a variety of methods to share age-appropriate diabetes knowledge and skills
  • Our team helps campers gain confidence and self-sufficiency
  • Some Camps offer formal diabetes education classes
  • The overall focus is tailored diabetes education — and FUN!