Safety at Camp

Safety is Our Number One Priority

We understand that parents and caregivers have a long list of health and safety concerns for their child. You may be worried about food and nutrition, proper medical care and supplies, and managing diabetes during a week of sports and other high-energy activities while being away from home.

No need to worry. Teams of diabetes health care professionals at the American Diabetes Association's Camps are on site to take care of our campers.

The medical teams at Camps:

  • Share with you their approach and what you can expect at Camp
  • Review and adjust each camper's diabetes care plan daily-taking into account increased physical activity levels at Camp
  • Monitor and revise, as needed, the number of carbohydrates or the amount of insulin based on blood glucose readings and planned activities.
  • Provide information and education through fun, hands-on activities, chat sessions and taking advantage of "teachable moments."

Embracing Safety at Camp

At every American Diabetes Association Camp, families will find:

  • Trained and knowledgeable staff including counselors with diabetes in some settings
  • Onsite medical teams
  • Onsite medical facilities, equipment and supplies
  • Tailored nutrition program for campers
  • Closely monitored and administered glucose testing, insulin injections and pump maintenance
  • Customized activity schedules that accommodate the needs of a child with diabetes
  • Overall focus on safety while not compromising on fun!

Camps Can Gve You Peace of Mind

The American Diabetes Association is proud to be the largest provider of Camps for children with diabetes in the world. Each year, more than 10,000 children benefit from camping programs provided through the Association's funding.

The American Diabetes Association operates and financially supports both resident (overnight) and day Camps.

The American Diabetes Association Camps follow the American Camp Association's (ACA) health and safety standards and where eligible, are accredited by the ACA.

Due to the length of a program or its location, some Camps are ineligible for ACA accreditation but are required to follow all mandatory safety standards.