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Alaskans are increasingly feeling the effects of diabetes as more than 59,000 Alaskans are living with diabetes, and an additional 194,000 more have pre-diabetes. It is estimated that 1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes in 2050 if present trends continue. The Alaskan office, located in Anchorage, helps provide resources and support to people and their families living with diabetes.  Join us in our effort to advocate for rights of people with diabetes and promote healthy lifestyles to prevent diabetes.


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Family Link

Learning to live with diabetes doesn't happen overnight and we don't want parents and children to have to do it alone. Family Link connects families with other families of kids with diabetes to our national resources and local events. We provide information and services including advocacy, education, and social events. We are dedicated to strengthening relationships between children with diabetes, their families, their diabetes care team and their school and improving education and awareness.

Safe at School

The American Diabetes Association is the leading advocate for the rights of children and adults with diabetes. Children spend most of their time at school and parents should feel confident that teachers and school nurses know how to care for their child. The Association provides parents with resources and training modules to help them work with their child's school to create a medically safe learning environment. Parent "Safe at School" workshops are offered through the American Diabetes Association.

Camp K

Camp K is a lifeline for children with diabetes to develop the critical skills needed to thrive while managing this disease. Attending summer camp helps children develop social skills, self-respect, and life-long friendships. We give kids the opportunity to meet other kids just like them while fostering independence, building self-confidence and gaining an awareness of a healthy lifestyle through education, nutrition, exercise, emotional well-being and glucose control.

Wellness Lives Here

Companies are currently spending 1 in 5 health care dollars on people with diabetes.  The American Diabetes Association is committed to curbing these costs by helping companies with their health and wellness plans.  Wellness Lives Here provides opportunities throughout the year for companies to engage their staff and make a difference in the lives of their employees and their families.  Together, we can lower healthcare costs, prevent people from getting diabetes and help those currently living with diabetes get the necessary care and resources they deserve.

Become a Diabetes Advocate!

Life isn't fair for people with diabetes. First, there is the simple fact of coping with a chronic illness.  Second, there are barriers that prevent people with diabetes from enjoying the same opportunities as the rest of the population. Our Advocacy efforts work to bring down the barriers and fund critical diabetes research.  Take action and become a Diabetes Advocate today!

Volunteer With Us

VolunteerYour involvement as an American Diabetes Association volunteer—whether on a local or national level—will help improve lives of everyone impacted by diabetes, maybe even someone close to you. There are many ways for you to get involved—a little time can have a big impact.

Contact your local office at 1-888-DIABETES (888-342-2383) or read about ways you can volunteer.