Volunteer Recognition

Please join us in extending a big "thank you" to all of our American Diabetes Association Central Texas volunteers!

We could not do the work that we do without the contributions of all of our amazing volunteers. The stories below spotlight a few specific individuals who are making a difference and furthering our mission to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

Community Leadership Board

Community Leadership Board

The Central Texas chapter relies on its Community Leadership Board to lead its efforts throughout the 26 county region. Special thanks to our 15-member board for sharing their expertise and for their commitment to serve those living with diabetes in Central Texas.

Pictured Left: (Back row) Ed Lick, Dr. Kerem Ozer, Dr. Thomas Blevins, Mario Torres (Front Row) Raymond Estrada, David Ellenbogen, Marilyn Bostick, Michelle Peacock, Janice Wall, Jennifer Matison, W. Allan Rayson
Not Pictured: David Davis, Kathy Giammona, Cynthia Guerrero, Jo Anne Molitor, Lesley Sarkesian

Tour de Cure: Roger Grace

Roger GraceRoger Grace began the journey of a lifetime in an effort to increase awareness about bicycle safety and raise funds for the American Diabetes Association. What originally started as a personal need to reduce stress and reverse unhealthy habits, became a passion for biking and now a planned 6-month, 2-country, 11,000-mile ride around the perimeter of the United States. Roger began his journey March 22, 2014 on the steps of the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas.

"I was fat. I was overweight. Climbing a single flight of stairs left me breathless. I needed a way to mitigate the stress I was under. I needed to find a way to be healthy."

Roger Grace found the bicycle and a new lease on life. Along the way realized he had to share his discovery. "When I was on the bike it was about yes, exercise, but I could also let go. I was able to think. I found I was better able to do the work. I wasn't trying to give up the work; I was trying to do it better. Now I am at a point where I realize I want to share what I found. If you treat yourself a little better, you can actually do more for the people around you."

Where's Roger? Follow his journey on www.ridecare.org or Facebook. To support Roger's efforts, visit his Team Diabetes Page.

Step Out: Leigh Perry

Leigh Perry

Leigh has been volunteering with the American Diabetes Association Central Texas since 2008. Leigh believes in the Association's work because of the importance of educating people about all aspects of diabetes. Leigh has been living with juvenille onset, type 1 diabetes for 40 plus years now, and she has experienced lots of ups and downs. Thanks to the support of her family she has managed her diabetes relatively easily since both her sisters and father, of blessed memory, have type 1 diabetes.

Leigh says "sometimes this made controlling the disease easier, but not always. We all could eat the same thing but not always have the same positive effects and blood sugar control between us. That is why having the support of the Association's knowledge and research is so important, since everyone who deals with this disease is a little different. The Association's research and support is awesome! That is why I volunteer to find a CURE!!!!!"

Please join Leigh this year on November 8, 2014 at Camp Mabry and make this year's Step Out the best yet!

School Walk for Diabetes: Janice Mangrum & Terrie Castille

Janice Mangrum and Terrie Castille

Each and every year, Janice and Terrie go above and beyond to make the School Walk for Diabetes a roaring success at Carpenter Hill Elementary in Hays CISD. On the day of the event, students can be found listening to a funny, educational skit about healthy eating, dancing away diabetes, running around the track, playing basketball, getting their faces panted, or playing their school favorite game, "GAGA!" This year's mascot, the wise old owl, had lots to teach students about eating "Go, Slow and Whoa" foods. The fabulous students at Carpenter Hill Elementary raised over $8,000! Way to go!

Without the support of committed teachers, like Janice and Terrie, the School Walk for Diabetes program would cease to exist. Their time, energy, and efforts (not to mention all the reminders!) are what really inspire students to raise money for the American Diabetes Association, as well as make healthy choices for a lifetime.

Thank you to all of our hard working School Walk Coordinators!


Our interns consistently put in the extra effort to make our special events and programs a reality! The spring 2014 interns are Jeff Reynolds (School Walk for Diabetes), Brooke Goodman (programs), Mayra Herrera (Tour de Cure), Gabby Cottee (Father of the Year)and Yomi Moreno (Step Out).

Interns 2014

Thank you for the many hours you have spent creating, typing, calling, mailing, packing boxes, running errands, showing up to a million events and so much more!