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Online Support and Resources

The American Diabetes Association provides a number of online resources to help individuals and families with diabetes better manage their disease and live a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to check out the resources below to live a healthy life with diabetes!

Diabetes 24/7

Diabetes 24/7 is a new online tool that provides access to the information you need to manage diabetes, allowing you to create a personal profile and track health information, upload information directly from devices, monitor weight and physical activity.


This online tool allows you to track what you eat and better manage your diabetes and prevent complications. When you enroll for this free resource you will receive diabetes-friendly recipes, tips to substitute healthier food options, track food intake and more!

Recipes for Healthy Living

This free online tool offers healthy recipes for the whole family, kitchen tips and meal plans. Sign up for the online newsletter and receive monthly tips with new recipes!

Living With Type 2 Diabetes

Living with Type 2 Diabetes - 200x39

Are you or a loved one newly diagnosed with type, or looking to improve your management of the disease? Enroll in the free Living With Type 2 Diabetes program. This free 12-month program provides ongoing resources and support to help you understand and better manage type 2. It also offers access to our online communities and local events.

Community Message Boards

Connect with others online! Join the conversation with the American Diabetes Association Message Boards, including: Adults Living With Type 1, Adults Living With Type 2, Recently Diagnosed and The Place for Parents.

Become a Diabetes Advocate

Fight for your rights and make your voice heard on issues affecting all Americans living with diabetes. When you sign up for our easy advocacy you receive alerts and updates on issues happening in Montana and across the country that affect those living with diabetes. Stay up to date on legislation that impacts your life and learn how to connect with your legislators on issues that you care about, sign up to be a Diabetes Advocate today!