Passport to Health

Passport to Health is a personal health tool and culturally- relevant program for the Hispanic/Latino Community, connecting adults who are at-risk or diagnosed with type 2 diabetes to diabetes education, community resources and health screenings, encouraging participants to become proactive abut caring for their personal health outcome. This program offers eight interactive workshops which addresses the importance of increasing physical activity, nutrition, self-management and complications.

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Diabetes Self-Management Toolkit

The Diabetes Self-Management Toolkit provides interactive and educational workshops specifically designed for the African American community. The kit helps participants implement lifestyle changes, improves nutrition and increases physical activity. This program offers a series of eight interactive workshops.

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Senior Program

The Senior Program is a series of eight interactive workshops which provide the ability to manage diabetes by leaning about nutrition, physical activity, neuropathy, and kidney disease. The program is offered at senior homes and senior groups.

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Wellness Lives Here

Wellness Lives Here is designed to inspire healthful habits at work and beyond. For some, it will mean fewer sick days and higher productivity. For others, it will mean looking and feeling better. For all, it will mean more empowered Americans who can better control, delay or prevent type 2 diabetes and related health problems. Year-round engagement will empower companies, organizations and community groups to drive healthy behaviors and to amplify the message.

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Become a Diabetes Advocate!

What you say matters! The Association works to improve access to quality care, eliminate discrimination against adults and children because of their diabetes in schools and the workplace, and works to make sure the federal government is adequately funding diabetes research and programs. Become a diabetes advocate and make your voice heard! Receive action alerts on legislation that affects people with diabetes.

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Safe at School

Some families can send their child with diabetes to school in the morning and feel confident that the school will be prepared to provide the diabetes care that meets their child's needs. Other families worry that their child won't have access to good diabetes management, that their child will be excluded from activities or have to take an exam. Our Safe at School initiative is designed to help the development of written accommodations and care plan developed under federal disability law on a local and state level as well as a plan for how diabetes will be managed at school with a team effort that includes school staff, families and health care providers. Learn more at

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