Welcome to our (amazing) interns!

Our events and programs are reliant on hardworking and dedicated individuals. We are so appreciative of all our past and current interns for their commitment to the American Diabetes Association and the success of its events and programs. We're always looking for additional help! If you're interested in an internship at our local Chicago office, please contact Claire Griffith at

Alison Walthen
School Walk Intern
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
ext. 6551

Alyssa McHugh
Communications Intern
Monday and Wednesday
ext. 6552

Angel Perry
Live Empowered Intern
Tuesday and Friday
ext. 6551

Diego Lopez
Por tu Familia Intern
Monday and Wednesday, Friday
ext. 6587

Joe Realzola
Tour de Cure Intern
Monday, Tuesday and Friday
ext. 6585

Johnathon Taggert
Step Out Intern
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
ext. 6587

Lauren Robinson
Tour de Cure Intern
Wednesday and Thursday
ext. 6585

Maya De La Rosa
Youth Initiatives Intern
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
ext. 6566

Meghan Dowling
EXPO Intern
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
ext. 6527

Sarah Katsoulos
Tour de Cure Intern
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
ext. 6554

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  • Last Edited: February 26, 2014