High Five to Stop Diabetes

Diabetes affects everyone—our family, our friends and our neighbors.

Diabetes affects our community, but people haven't opened up to talk about diabetes and share their story. Everyone has their own journey, but tapping into each others’ empowers us to raise our voices to Stop Diabetes®. We invite Coloradans to share in our collective story of how diabetes impacts our community simply by giving high fives!

The high five is a universal positive sign of support. High Five to Stop Diabetes emphasizes the importance of supporting those that are already living with the disease and encourages the wider community to understand how diabetes impacts all of us.

Thank you to Lt. Governor Joe Garcia for sharing his story:

See more faces of diabetes and hear from other Coloradans that have been impacted by diabetes.

Upcoming Events:

  • Facebook Photo Contests! What's your favorite high five moment? Share your favorite or most creative high five shot on our Facebook page and win a pair of High Five to Stop Diabetes gloves! Simply post or tag our page and tell us why you High Five to Stop Diabetes!

Show Your Support...Share Some High Fives!

Help us raise awareness in the community! It's simple, share your most creative High Five photo or video on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter and be sure to use #HighFivetoStopDiabetes. You can also share what a "Day in the Life of Diabetes" means to you through our National American Diabetes Month Mosaic - share your photos now!