Stories of Diabetes in Colorado

Faces of Diabetes in Colorado

We hear a lot of numbers in the story of diabetes, but what we don't see often enough are the faces of diabetes. We want to showcase the extraordinary individuals and families that live with this disease that can be managed, but not cured. If diabetes has made an impact on your life and you want to share that story with others please let us know! You can be a part of the national movement to build the true picture of diabetes - share a photo of what a "Day in the Life of Diabetes" means to you.

Meet the Lipman Family

Meet the Wright Family

During American Diabetes Month in 2012, four Coloradans had the opportunity to work with Pullitzer-prize winning photographer, Jay Dickman, to showcase what a "Day in the Life of Diabetes" means to them. Jessica, Estrella, Steve and Nadia shared their stories with the rest of the country to show the true faces of diabetes. Read their stories and see their amazing photos.