Family and Youth Programs

Keiki Ohana Konnection

Keiki Ohana Konnection FamilyWe understand that being diagnosed with diabetes as a child can be a confusing and frustrating experience for children and their families. Keiki Ohana Konnection (KOK) brings Hawaii's children with diabetes and their families together with other families struggling with the same daily diabetes management issues in a safe and fun learning environment with the Association staff and volunteers.

A Family of the Keiki Ohana Konnection

In the past, we have held KOK events at Ice Palace, Dave & Buster's, The Bishop Museum, and Sea Life Park. If you would like more information about our KOK program, please contact Ellie Ventula-Honda at or 808-947-5979.

Get linked in with other families of children with diabetes through Family Link.

Wisdom Kits

Photo of Items Included in the Everyday Wisdom Kit

The Everyday Wisdom Kit™ is a tool designed to help families of children with type 1 diabetes, ages 8 and up, live with diabetes every day. When a child is diagnosed with a chronic disease like type 1 diabetes, everyday moments can become more of a challenge.

The Everyday Wisdom Kit™ helps families plan for everyday moments and events such as birthday parties, playing sports and getting behind the wheel. Thanks to an educational grant by Lilly, the Everyday Wisdom Kit is available for FREE.

Residents of Hawaii may contact our local office for more information or submit a completed Enrollment Form to:

American Diabetes Association
Pioneer Plaza
900 Fort Street Mall, Suite 940
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Telephone: 808-947-5979
Toll-Free: 888-342-2383
Fax: 808-546-7502

Keep Our Keiki Safe at School

Hawaii's Diabetes Advocates together with representatives from the Department of Health and Department of Education have created a workflow for parents of children with diabetes to ensure that their keiki have all the medical assistance they require to safely attend school.  For questions about this workflow, please contact Ellie Ventula-Honda at or 808-947-5979.

The American Diabetes Association also has school training information to ensure all students with diabetes are Safe at School.

College and Diabetes

Legal protections against distrimination continue beyond high school graduation. However, it is not automatically assumed that a student who is receiving accommodations and services in high school will need or be provided with those same services in college or technical school. Find out what your rights for Post-Secondary Education.