Announcing the Winners of the American Diabetes Association's “Diabetes Is...” Student PSA Video Contest Co-Sponsored by The Queen's Medical Center

For Immediate Release: July 2012
Contact: Leslie Lam
Phone: 808-947-5979

Honolulu – 6th through 12th graders were given the opportunity to take part in the American Diabetes Association PSA/Video Contest co-sponsored by The Queen's Medical Center. There were two winning categories: meeting the judging/criteria and YouTube likes (fan favorite). Winners were students from Roosevelt High School with PSA entry "Diabetes Is… A Life Changer" for judging/criteria and fan favorite winner, Ewa Makai's "Diabetes Is Controllable."

"The Queen's Medical Center has been an ally of the American Diabetes Association for many years supporting fundraising events and programs to further mission services to the more than 113,000 people who have diabetes in Hawaii, and we hope that these videos will raise awareness and shed light on the seriousness of diabetes and encourage prevention," said Art Ushijima, President of The Queen's Medical Center.

"Sponsoring the production of this project aligns with Time Warner Cable's Connect a Million Minds Initiative to Inspire the next generation of problem solvers by connecting young people to the wonders of science, technology, engineering and math. This is an outstanding opportunity for us to help educate the PSA winners on technology engineering and the community on the importance of diabetes prevention, especially knowing the current trend that 1 in every 2 keiki born in Hawaii after the year 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime," said Oceanic Time Warner Cable President, Bob Barlow.

"I remember one of my students saying, "I didn't know frequent urination was a symptom of diabetes," said Charleen Ego, Tech Coordinator for Roosevelt High School. "Also, when students create public service announcements, they research, brainstorm and storyboard on the topic. This causes students in class to discuss in detail some of the symptoms of diabetes and how they are going to film the scene. Some of the students seem to have the symptoms of diabetes stuck in their head and some students mention looking at their own family and having concerns about them - showing much awareness taking place."

"This project is a great example of the benefits of partnering our resources with other organizations to bring public awareness about the seriousness of diabetes to a large segment of the population," said Dr. Jane K. Kadohiro, Chair of the American Diabetes Association’s Youth and Family Link Committee. "The video contest generated a tremendous amount of interest! Many of the youth learned about diabetes by entering the contest and then helped others learn by posting their video entry on YouTube. And now thanks to The Queen's Medical Center, Oceanic Time Warner Cable, and the American Diabetes Association, the winning school teams will receive valuable training in creating polished professional-looking videos. When the winning videos are then transformed into public service announcements (to be aired on television stations), the devastating impact of diabetes on our lives will thus reach an even broader segment of the general population."

"I hope that our video contest will generate more awareness in our youth," said Jeni Ono, Youth and Family Link Committee member and educator. "Knowledge is Power. That is the goal: to increase awareness about diabetes. The future statistics of children of Hawaii being diagnosed with diabetes is shocking; we need our kids to be knowledgeable now. The sense of urgency is important and the way we reach them is through technology and media."

"There are over 20,000 Native Hawaiians in the state with diabetes. Native Hawaiians have the highest diabetes mortality rates, followed by Filipinos and Japanese," said Dr. Dee-Ann Carpenter, President of the American Diabetes Association's Community Leadership Board. "The current trend must be stopped and getting the word out to our younger generation is critical. It is wonderful to hear that this program generated nearly 3,000 hits on You Tube. This project has surely made an impact and will help us Stop Diabetes."

To view all PSA/Video submissions for the contest, please visit For more information, please feel free to contact the American Diabetes Association at 808-947-5979, by email to, or visit us at

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