Safe at School

The Safe at School program is a nation-wide program commited to the ongoing fairness, protection and safety of school children with diabetes.

We realize it takes team effort to meet the needs of children who are diagnosed with diabetes, which is why we are devoted to establishing strong connections between families, schools and healthcare providers.

To gain a better understanding of the Association's Safe at School campaign, a Safety and Fairness for Children with Diabetes booklet is available.

Written Care Plans

A sample Diabetes Medical Management Plan as part of the NDEP's Helping the Student Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel.

The term "504 Plan" refers to a plan developed to meet the requirements of a federal law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. A sample 504 plan for your child at school is available for download.

Notable News

Louisiana's children who have diabetes can be Safe at School! In the state of Louisiana, Senate Bill (SB) 759 - signed into law June 15, 2012 - was a major achievement for the Safe at School (SAS) campaign. The bill, hard-fought and a long time coming, authorizes school employees to volunteer and be trained to help children with diabetes in school. These volunteers may administer insulin and glucagon to help conrol children's glucose levels. The bill also allows children who are able to do so self-manage their diabetes when at school.

  • Last Reviewed: January 30, 2014
  • Last Edited: April 16, 2015