North Dakota

young girls at campNorth Dakotans are increasingly feeling the effects of diabetes as thousands of people suffer from the disease.  Today, over 68,097 people in North Dakota have diabetes - that is 11.2% of the adult population.  In addition, almost 188,000 North Dakotans have prediabetes. 

That is why the American Diabetes Association's North Dakota office is so committed to educating the public about how to stop diabetes and support those living with the disease.

The local Community Leadership Board, comprised of local men and women who have the heart to make a difference in the fight against diabetes is leading the charge locally!  The North Dakota Community Leadership Board's mission is to improve the lives of kids living with diabetes in North Dakota!  Doing this by supporting Camp Sioux, a camp for children with diabetes through community-building, friend-raising, & advocacy.

In a few short months, kids will be swimming, laughing, and best of all… making friends and learning how to effectively manage their diabetes at Camp Sioux, a North Dakota camp for children living with diabetes. If you would like to support Camp Sioux, we invite you to make your dollars go further by making a donation and inviting your friends to join you on Giving Hearts Day, February 14, 2019.  Giving Hearts Day is a 24-hour give-a-thon for charities where donations of $10 or more will be matched for Camp Sioux by donating at  More information on Camp Sioux can be found below!


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Camp Sioux

American Diabetes Association Camp Sioux is a residential camp program for children living with diabetes located just outside of Park River, ND.  Campers will enjoy traditional camp activities such as swimming, archery, arts and crafts, nightly campfires and much more!  Physicians, nurses, and other medical staff provide round-the-clock medical supervision.  Meals and snacks are planned by registered dietitians and also manage all special dietary needs.  Cabin counselors, most of who have diabetes themselves, serve as positive role models and have been trained in diabetes care.  “Camp teaches us how to be proud to have diabetes and not let it stop us from anything.  It also teaches us that we’re not alone,” Trisha, a Camp Sioux Counselor said.  “I enjoy seeing the campers grow and change… they come here nervous and shy and leave as confident people.”  For more information go to   

Become a Diabetes Advocate!

Life isn't fair for people with diabetes. First, there is the simple fact of coping with a chronic illness.  Second, there are the barriers that prevent people with diabetes from enjoying the same opportunities at the rest of the population. Our Advocacy efforts work to bring down the barriers and fund critical diabetes research.  Take action and become a Diabetes Advocate today!

Living with Type 2 Diabetes

Recently diagnosed?  Let the American Diabetes Association guide you during your first year with five informational packets to help you learn to live well with diabetes.  Enroll in the free Living with Type 2 Diabetes Program.

Wellness Lives Here

Wellness Lives Here will educate and motivate people to adopt healthful habits to reduce the impact of obesity and type 2 diabetes in this country. For some, it will mean fewer sick days and higher productivity. For others, it will mean looking and feeling better. For everyone, the result will be more empowered Americans who are better able to control, delay or stop diabetes and related health problems.

Volunteer With Us

VolunteerYour involvement as an American Diabetes Association volunteer—whether on a local or national level—will help improve lives of everyone impacted by diabetes, maybe even someone close to you. There are many ways for you to get involved—a little time can have a big impact.

Contact your local office at 1-888-DIABETES (888-342-2383) or read about ways you can volunteer.