Young Professionals Leadership Council

The Phoenix Young Professional Leadership Council (YPLC) works to educate, inform and build relationships with young professionals (ages 18-40) and the community at large to bring the mission of the American Diabetes Association to life with one vision as a guiding force: life free of diabetes and all of its burdens.  You do not need to have diabetes to participate in YPLC - just bring a passion for the American Diabetes Association!

2017 Focus

  • Diabetes in the Workplace
  • Peer-to-Peer Mentorship
  • Cost of Living with Diabetes
  • Signature YPLC Event - Betting on a Cure (Spring 2017)


YPLC is dedicated to strengthening the community through philanthropy and volunteerism:

  • Support the Association and its strategic partnerships, events, advocacy and community engagements
  • Grow awareness for the Association's mission by educating your peers and the community at large about the impact of diabetes
  • Fundraise and provide fundraising support for the education, advocacy and research programs of the Association
  • Open new doors in the community to gain funding or in-kind support for local efforts
  • Connect with corporate and civic leaders, creating a deeper connection within your community and with Association partners
  • Provide professional volunteer support
  • Grow a local network of volunteers that represent professional, geogrpahic and ethnic diversity and all those impacted by diabetes

YPLC Benefits

  • Impact - Collaborate on events and projects that will shape the YPLC program and bring the mission of the Association to life
  • Professional Development - Take part in professional, educational and social opportunities to develop real-world leadership and fundraising skills
  • Network - Join a network of emerging young, entrepreneurial and innovative professionals and build life-long relationships
  • Access - Engage generations of leaders, including the Association's distinguished leaders

Join YPLC Phoenix

Complete our Member Application online here or contact Kaylee Gronau at or call 602-861-4731 ext. 7098.