San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonian's are increasingly at risk of diabetes as tens of thousands are diagnosed annually. The fight to stop this silent killer starts at home, where our community's diabetic population stands at over 14% which is double the national average of 7%. With projections of one out of every three children born after 2000 in the United States will be directly affected by diabetes by 2050, the time to act is now!

That is why the American Diabetes Association's San Antonio office is so committed to finding a cure, educating the public about how to Stop Diabetes and providing support for those living with the disease are central to our mission.

We are here to help.


Program Info

The American Diabetes Association's San Antonio office provides great local programs for people living with diabetes, their friends and family. For more information about these and other programs offered by the Association, please contact Tiffani Nair at


Life isn't fair for people with diabetes. First, there is the simple fact of coping with a chronic illness. Second, there are the barriers that prevent people with diabetes from enjoying the same opportunities as the rest of the population. Our Advocacy efforts work to bring down the barriers and fund research to Stop Diabetes®.

Por tu familia

Many Latinos feel guilty spending time and money on personal health. They feel selfish putting their own health care ahead of their family's needs. The opposite should be true.

The American Diabetes Association is here for your family, but we want to bring the message home that you should take care of your diabetes or prevent yourself from developing it, for your family's sake too. Your family needs you to be healthy and feeling your best, so that you can be there for them. That's why the name for the Association's Latino Initiatives health campaign is Por tu familia — or "for your family" in English.

Project POWER

Project POWER is a faith-based program targeting the African American community that provides churches with a foundation for integrating diabetes awareness messages and healthy living tips into the life of the family and church. It engages the church in a variety of year-round activities that provide lessons which improve the health of those church members living with diabetes, their families and the greater community as well.

Stop Diabetes @ Work

This program serves employees at sponsored companies. Association staff work with the company to implement a research-based healthy worksite program that meets the needs of the employees. In addition, Stop Diabetes @ Work provides employees with team-building activities that take place in the community via the Association's events.

The first step to bring Stop Diabetes @ Work to your workplace is to fill out this survey. This provides us with basic information that allows us to customize Stop Diabetes @ Work to your company's needs.

Volunteer Center

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We welcome your help.

Your involvement as an American Diabetes Association volunteer — whether on a local or national level — will help us expand our community outreach and impact, inspire healthy living, intensify our advocacy efforts, raise critical dollars to fund our mission, and uphold our reputation as the moving force and trusted leader in the diabetes community.

Find volunteer opportunities in our area through the Volunteer Center.