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Why I Ride the Silicon Valley Tour de Cure

A Personal Story from Scott Lawley

Scott Lawley

As the team captain for Team SAP since 2011, I am often asked why I ride the Tour de Cure. Diabetes has affected me both personally and professionally, inspiring my commitment to help find a cure for diabetes and help treat those dealing with the disease. The evolution of that commitment began with my first personal encounter with diabetes. In 1997 my mother-in-law was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which put me on a path to learn more about the disease, despite her living in a different country and speaking another language.

Applying my passion for cycling to this problem, the Tour de Cure is the best cycling event aimed at finding a cure to diabetes. My commitment to this cause has led me to captain Team SAP, to be a Tour de Cure Champion, to take a role on the Tour de Cure Executive Committee, and to take a leadership role in recruiting new riders.

But it didn't happen overnight. In 2006 I started working for SAP and resurrected my passion for cycling and along with Cheryl Smith, who is a colleague, cyclist and personw ith type 1 diabetes, formed the SAP Cycling Club in 2007. Cheryl told me about the Silicon Valley Tour de Cure in early 2008 and we rode as individuals that year. I was blown away by this event. The support for this ride and the sheer number of riders was amazing. I rode again in 2009, and decided to strive higher and start a corporate team. In 2010, I rode as the captain of Team SAP, and I have been leading the team since then.

Why do I ride the Tour de Cure? Because I recognize that diseases do not eradicate themselves; people do. I made a commitment to my family, fellow colleagues, and the surrounding community to help put an end to diabetes. Are you willing to commit? Register for Silicon Valley Tour de Cure Today.