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The American Diabetes Association awards the Health Champion Designation to all types of employers, including companies, membership organizations (unions and non-profits) and community-based groups, such as government or community organizations. To receive the Health Champion Designation, applicants must submit an application and meet healthy living criteria in the below three categories:

  1. Nutrition and Weight Management: This includes efforts such as offering healthy food choices, promoting nutritional information and providing healthy vending options.
  2. Physical Activity: This includes efforts such as participating in the physical activity events of the American Diabetes Association, facilitating walking or biking to work, or organizing employee activity groups.
  3. Organizational Well-Being: This includes efforts such as appointing a designated wellness program coordinator, committee or contracted wellness consultant available to staff/members.

New mandatory healthy living criteria has been added. Please be sure that each applying site location meets these new criteria before completing the application.

  1. The applying site has established a smoke free workplace policy to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace.
  2. The applying site must have a minimum of 10 employees/members.
  3. The applying site must not tie biometric screenings/data or the achievement of certain health outcomes to eligibility for financial incentives including discounts on health insurance premiums. (Please provide written summary of your program’s collection and use of biometric health data.)

Applicants will need to describe how they meet the selected criteria.

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