Stop Diabetes @ Work Resources

In the last five years, the number of Americans with diabetes has increased by an alarming 27 percent. As the U.S. diabetes epidemic grows, so does the need to address diabetes in the workplace.

Stop Diabetes @ Work resources, which were designed specifically for the workplace, can be customized to fit within your existing wellness efforts or used on their own.

For individualized support, we encourage you to connect with your local American Diabetes Association experts. Please take a minute to fill out the interest survey so we can connect you with local staff to support your efforts.

Workplace Tools Available:


Tools and resources that provide your organization with guidance to eat well at work and at home, as well as resources to help you establish healthier meetings and vending options.

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Physical Activity

Tools and support for you to encourage employees to be more active.

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Organizational Resources

Support for your organization to create a healthy work environment.

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Educational Information

Health information and educational materials to help employees lower their risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes complications.

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Card 2 Mission Engagement Days

Bring physical activity, nutrition, and health into your workplace and support the mission of the Association through actionable awareness days.

computer Healthy Living Resources

Discover online educational tools focused around healthy eating, managing type 2 diabetes, and assessing health risks.

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