Get the facts about healthy eating in the workplace and help create a corporate culture of wellness.

  • Stop Diabetes @ Work Healthy Meeting Guide - Practice what you preach! Create a healthy meeting environment and enjoy a more productive workspace.

  • Model Vending Standards - The National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity, of which the American Diabetes Association is a part, has produced model standards for vending machines in public spaces.

  • American Diabetes Association Weight Talk® Program - Offer your employees an evidence-based, personalized coaching program designed to achieve measurable, sustainable weight loss for general health, diabetes management and the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

  • Nutrition Resources – Share healthy recipes and newsletter articles with your employees.

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Card 2 Mission Engagement Days

Bring physical activity, nutrition, and health into your workplace and support the mission of the Association through actionable awareness days.

computer Healthy Living Resources

Discover online educational tools focused around healthy eating, managing type 2 diabetes, and assessing health risks.

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