In It Together

In It Together

In It Together is a celebration of healthy actions and educated decisions in pursuit of a fulfilling life. We are here to inspire, encourage and support you on your journey with type 2 diabetes.

We teamed up with John Hancock and its wellness-based life insurance program, John Hancock Vitality, to celebrate your successes in daily life, raise awareness about the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle, educate people about the challenges and complications of type 2 diabetes and bring a sense of urgency to the prevalence of this disease.

Hear real-life stories of overcoming challenges in our In It Together podcast series and video.

Three generations

Recently Diagnosed

Get the information and support you need during the early weeks and months after your diagnosis.

In It Together podcast

Diabetes Stops Here Blog

Read the stories of courage, love and resilience that are a testament to our volunteers, advocates and supporters. You'll find the In It Together podcasts in a dedicated post here as well.

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Our Sponsor

John Hancock and its wellness-based life insurance program, John Hancock Vitality, celebrate and reward the steps you take to manage your diabetes and live a healthy life. Learn more.

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    This resource will give you the first steps for managing your type 2 diabetes.

  • 8 Tips for Caregivers

    A diabetes diagnosis can be overwhelming. As caregivers, we want to support our loved ones and help them enjoy the healthiest lives possible. But what is the best way to do that?

  • Myths

    Clear up some common misunderstandings about what causes diabetes, the effects of diabetes, and how diabetes can be managed.

  • Getting Support

    Your family and friends can be a great source of support because they care about you.

  • Enroll in the FREE Living With Type 2 Diabetes Program

    Recently diagnosed? Let us guide you during your first year with six informational packets to help you learn to live well with diabetes.