In It Together Podcast Series

Join us for a few moments to listen to real-life stories of overcoming challenges by people living with type 2 diabetes and those who care about them. We hope you will be inspired and encouraged to take steps toward living a healthy and fulfilling life with diabetes.

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In It Together is proudly sponsored by John Hancock and its wellness-based life insurance program, John Hancock Vitality. With you, we are working to change the conversation about living with diabetes.

Episode #1 From Denial to Awareness and Life-Changing Action

Our first In It Together podcast features Ina Mendoza-Wilson, a woman who’s committed to managing diabetes and helping others, offering a first-hand account of how diabetes self-management is the key to taking steps toward living a healthy lifestyle.


Episode #2 Looking at Life a Little Differently Now

Robin Dorsey tells the story of her journey: how the joy of having a baby was dampened when she found out that she had gestational diabetes and the disheartening transition after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Robin found her light and wants you to know that you can do it. "We're in this together."


Episode #3 A Couple's Journey Paved with Information and Sharing

Startled with a type 2 diabetes diagnosis in his 40’s, Derek found motivation in being healthy for his young sons, helping him to stay on course with his diabetes management. Partners for life, Derek and his wife, Anna, talk about the importance of learning about the disease, finding your motivation, and being supportive along the journey.


Episode #4 Honor and Caring

Guadalupe’s mother raised and cared for him as a child. Now, their roles are reversed, and Guadalupe talks about their relationship and his sense of honor as he helps his mother manage her type 2 diabetes.


Episode #5  Holding Each Other Accountable

When he could no longer ignore his type 2 diagnosis, Shawn Lacey's approach to life took a 180 degree turn as he wholeheartedly embraced a new, healthy lifestyle. He credits his successful turnaround to family, friends, and colleagues around him.

Episode #6  Championing a Friend

Pro football player and Team Tackle member Frostee Rucker shares his connection with type 2 diabetes and encourages us all to support people who work to overcome challenges of this disease every day.


Hear from Ina, Robin, Anna and Derek, and Guadalupe as they share their insights and motivations for overcoming the challenges of living with type 2 diabetes, and learn how we’re working with John Hancock and its wellness-based life insurance program, John Hancock Vitality, to change the conversation at


* Interviews with people who are affected by diabetes sometimes reflect personal experiences and opinions that may not be consistent the the American Diabetes Association Standards of Care. We respectfully offer a platform to showcase the insights, experiences and diversity of the diabetes community.

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