In It Together Podcast Series

Join us for a few moments to listen to real-life stories of overcoming challenges by people living with type 2 diabetes and those who care about them. We hope you will be inspired and encouraged to take steps toward living a healthy and fulfilling life with diabetes.

In It Together is proudly sponsored by John Hancock and its wellness-based life insurance program, John Hancock Vitality.

Podcast #1 From Denial to Awareness and Life-Changing Action

Our first In It Together podcast features Ina Mendoza-Wilson, a woman who’s committed to managing diabetes and helping others, offering a first-hand account of how diabetes self-management is the key to taking steps toward living a healthy lifestyle.



Podcast #2 Looking at Life a Little Differently Now

Robin Dorsey tells the story of her journey: how the joy of having a baby was dampened when she found out that she had gestational diabetes and the disheartening transition after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Robin found her light and wants you to know that you can do it. "We're in this together."




Podcast #3 Avoidance Turns into a Healthier Life

Derek and Anna Bell, a couple's story

Coming up at the end of November







* Interviews with people who are affected by diabetes sometimes reflect personal experiences and opinions that may not be consistent the the American Diabetes Association Standards of Care. We respectfully offer a platform to showcase the insights, experiences and diversity of the diabetes community.

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