The Steve Bieringer "Keep on Trucking" Award

"Advocacy to fight diabetes-based discrimination empowers me to live my life the way I want to, not the way others would have me live it."

- Steve Bieringer

About Steve Bieringer

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From 2005 through 2009, Steve Bieringer led the Association's efforts to train and grow the ranks of advocates, more than doubling the number of advocates working to help end discrimination. Recognizing the need to train these advocates to handle the hardest cases and make sure today's lawsuit didn't hurt tomorrow's plaintiff, Steve developed a comprehensive training program for attorneys called Fighting for Fairness. This two-day program brought together legal and medical experts to educate lawyers from around the country on how to handle a diabetes discrimination case from start to finish. Held in 2005, 2007 and 2009, Fighting for Fairness trained more than 150 attorneys. Steve also helped launch the Association's Advanced School Advocacy Training program, which today numbers more than 150 school advocates.

As a person living with type 1 diabetes, Steve understood well how diabetes can interfere with important parts of daily life such as work, school, and travel. The award is called the "Keep on Trucking" award because of Steve's desire to keep making progress on the road to fairness for people with diabetes. Steve was outraged when a person with diabetes is told "no" simply because he or she has diabetes – as used to be the case for commercial drivers who use insulin. Steve brought his incredible skills as an organizer, his great mind, and his passion to ending that discrimination and fighting for access to care for all people with diabetes. First in his role as State Advocacy Director for the western U.S. to his later role on Legal Advocacy staff growing volunteer networks, developing training courses, and in many other ways building the Association's ability to combat discrimination, Steve kept on trucking. It is his indefatigable work on behalf of people with diabetes that we recognize with this award.

About the Award

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The Steve Bieringer "Keep on Trucking" Award is issued annually to the individual who makes the greatest contribution to building the American Diabetes Association's Legal Advocacy volunteer networks: the Advocacy Attorney Network, the Health Care Professionals Legal Advocacy Network, and the Advanced School Advocate Training program. The award recognizes Steve Bieringer's tireless work over many decades to Stop Diabetes® including the over five years he spent building the Association's capacity to help more people facing discrimination. Honorees will be chosen based on their ability to add more volunteers to the three networks as well as overall contributions to building volunteer capacity.

Selection Process

Individuals may be nominated by submitting an application or by contacting the Vice President, Legal Advocacy at

The award recipient will be selected based on the following factors:

  • Number of new attorney, health care professional, and school advocate volunteers added to networks; and
  • Efforts to build volunteer capacity, to include training, outreach, and other work to integrate Legal Advocacy volunteers into the Association's mission.
  • Success in devising new initiatives to mobilize volunteers to achieve the Association’s Legal Advocacy mission.

Download the award announcement (PDF).

Award Recipients

The inaugural Steve Bieringer "Keep on Trucking" Award was issued in 2014. Learn more about the individuals selected for the award and how their work continues Steve's legacy of ending discrimination against people with diabetes.

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