Correctional Institutions

The Association works hard to make sure people in correctional institutions have access to appropriate medical care and law enforcement officers respond appropriately to people experiencing diabetes emergencies.

New Medical Alert Card (PDF)
Download, print and carry our new medical alert card. In case of an emergency, it provides law enforcement officers and other first responders with critical information to help keep you safe.

New Helping First Responders Spot Lows
Learn about how Association volunteers throughout the country are working to train police officers to distinguish hypoglycemia from intoxication and how you can get involved.

Philadelphia Police Department "Assist Officer" (PDF)
The Association helped the Philadelphia Police Department update a quick reference guide about diabetes for law enforcement officers. It is a valuable tool for law enforcement officers throughout the country.

Association's Position Statement on Diabetes Care in Correctional Institutions (PDF) (Diabetes Care, Volume 35, Supplement 1, January 2012)
The Association's position statement helps prison inmates to secure medical care consistent with standards of care.

Diabetes Training Tools Available for Law Enforcement Officers (PDF)
Information on how to obtain the Association's video and poster on training law enforcement officers on diabetes. You can also view the poster (PDF).

Treating Diabetes Emergencies - part 2 of 3

Treating Diabetes Emergencies - part 3 of 3

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