Diabetes Discrimination Checklists

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People with diabetes are frequently treated unfairly (diabetes discrimination) at work, school and in other parts of daily life-just because they have diabetes. Underlying causes of discrimination include lack of understanding about diabetes, irrational fears and prejudice against people living with chronic conditions. These checklists were created to help medical professionals identify patients who may be affected in their daily lives.

Diabetes Discrimination Checklists for Adult Patients

Many people face diabetes discrimination at work. Sometimes they are prevented from self-managing their diabetes, or are even fired, just because of the diabetes diagnosis. This type of discrimination may affect their diabetes management and well-being, and use of these checklists can help identify discrimination issues. For those affected, help is available from the American Diabetes Association at 1-800-DIABETES (800-342-2383).

1-3 Minute Format
Use this version of the checklist when you have at least a couple minutes to spend with your patient, to ask questions about diabetes at work.

15-20 Second Format
Use this version of the checklist when you have less than 30 seconds to spend with your patient on the subject of diabetes at work.

Diabetes Discrimination Checklist for Pediatric Patients

Children with diabetes may not have access to appropriate diabetes management at school and are sometimes treated unfairly (discrimination). This type of discrimination may negatively affect your pediatric patients, including: blood glucose control, risk for serious complications, and their ability to learn and fully participate in school and school-related activities. This checklist can help you identify affected patients and refer them for help from the American Diabetes Association.

Access the School/Child Care Diabetes Checklist


Please share your feedback about using these checklists by contacting discrimination@diabetes.org.